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oh-em-gee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Apr. 6th, 2006|05:09 pm]
[i'm feeling... |ecstaticecstatic]
[tunes in my head |uncommonsence <3 greatest group ever!]

He's coming tuesday!! omg omg omg! I'M SO BEYOND EXCITED!!! AHH! someone pinch me.. this can't be happening... i get to see my darling.. AH!!!

so you know my week is:
Friday- convention
Sat- work till 11am then drive back to convention
Sun- convention come home in the afternoon
Mon- disect crap in anatomy
Tuesday- JOSHY!!!, SENIOR DAY, FOOTBALL, and driving to AUBURN w/ KAYLA, CHRIS, and JOSH!
Wed- spending our "college day" at auburn goofing off
Thur- disecting some more in anatomy, saying bye bye to my baby *cries*
Fri- Club Day

soooo busy!!!
god i can't wait!!!!!!!