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[May. 19th, 2006|07:02 am]
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well in a few minutes i will be entering Pell City High School for the last time as a student there. sad? no not at all... quite happy really. one test and i'm out. niiiice.

So last night the seniors had our ba-ca-lor-i-et ( i didn't spell it right but just sound it out lol)and it was really really awesome. and towards the middle of the last song... i found myself fighting harder than ever w/ tears... now i have yet to cry... but all of a sudden two tears rolled down my cheeks and i was a gonner. i put my head on chris' sholder and grabbed onto his arm and then we were both gonners... and then i see kayla in tears call me over and so i get to her and then there was no stoping the tears. we just hugged and balled into e/o's sholders. and then sarah came and i continued my crying along w/ laura, casey, max, and kayla's mom (momma payne). i dono why but i just cried so much.. which is wierd i think because.. my core friends are coming w/ me to auburn. lol so i'm really not gonna be missing them. but needless to say... i was being a total girl and had to cry. lol.
and so we had dinner.. yummmm and got home and talked to my darling.
but now i will go, do my test, buy me another dress, and then spend the rest of my day talking to my wonderful boy. to all those graduates out there... congrats on this awesome event... and as it was said to me in a 1/2 way sad tone "we're growing up."

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[User Picture]From: polkadottedstar
2006-05-19 08:10 am (UTC)
see for you perhaps... but highschool for me has been so beyond awesome. i loved it.
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